The Negotiation & Buyer Management Workshop

10 Dec 2021

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm (1 hr)

Online Event

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1x The Negotiation & Buyer Management Workshop

10 Dec 2021

Online Event


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One of the greatest mistakes an agent can make is to treat a buyer as 'just a buyer'. The truth is, in many cases, the buyer is the seller and vice versa.
Your role as an agent is to HELP PEOPLE MOVE, not sell them a house as a financial transaction. It's no coincidence that the agents who 'get this' are among our top performers.

Discover why becoming brilliant with buyers can be your top referral lead source. This workshop will realign your thinking and deliver a whole new approach to communicating and negotiating with the actual purchasing community.

You will learn:

  • How to 'master qualify' through scripts and questions
  • Why it's critical to provide all facts, figures and features in writing.
  • The stepped process to delivering offers
  • How to master the Signature Negotiation Process
  • How to think on your feet with objections and blockage questions
  • The importance of removing the chance of blame versus price 
  • How to take control and manage client expectations
The Negotiation & Buyer Management Workshop

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