List: A Listing Presentation with Lee Woodward

28 May 2021  -  28 May 2021

10:30 am - 11:30 am (1 hr)

Online Event

Zoom Webinar


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1x List: A Listing Presentation with Lee Woodward

28 May 2021

Online Event


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How is a successful Agent defined when it comes down to the Vendor deciding to proceed? These days, it's all about communication and the listing conversation.


Listing property today has changed more than ever before. Interviewing an owner is now a skill that requires questions and answers to trigger a pathway. This pathway compresses the information that needs to be delivered to the owner, and in turn, drives the conversation positively.


This webinar will teach the Agent about sequences that trigger content conversations and lead to a series of positive responses. The small 'yes' leads to the final decision to proceed with you, the modern multimedia Agent.


If you're an Agent looking to finesse your conversation skills of persuasion and direction, this is the session for you.

List: A Listing Presentation with Lee Woodward

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