Sawdust - the best of Lee Woodward and John McGrath (e-book)

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1x Sawdust - the best of Lee Woodward and John McGrath (e-book)


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There was once an American sawmill that was cutting timber for framing and housing, and as the workers would cut the timber, the dust would fall to the floor. With the volume of timber being cut on a daily basis, the sawdust pile grew and grew.

One day the question was asked, “What do we do with the sawdust?”

“We sweep it up, we throw it away, we cut timber,” came the answer.

Someone suggested, “Why don’t we keep the sawdust and make combustion logs for heating?”

It was a light bulb moment.

Of course, there was more money in combustion logs than there was cutting timber for framing.

Every day in every industry, the sawdust falls to the floor, and there’s magic in what’s left over.

“Real Estate Hot Topics” has been going for 15 years now, and John McGrath and myself hosted it for the first five years. It was a great time - John and I were fresh from the trenches. John was still auctioneering. The McGrath franchise didn’t exist. I had just left the agency where I’d spent my entire career as a salesperson, and was at the very start of my training career.

From those conversations over those first five years, we have gathered the sawdust – the very best of my experience and John’s.

To have someone of John’s calibre share his thoughts in between all the difficult challenges of being a professional real estate agent, principal and visionary is a gift to all of us in the real estate industry.

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Sawdust - the best of Lee Woodward and John McGrath (e-book)


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