Cristian Orrego

Cristian Orrego

Director of Coaching

Like many at Real Estate Academy, Cristian began his career in real estate, gaining experience in both property management and sales at his father Luis’ agency before becoming an agency principal in his early twenty’s under the banner of a large national real estate brand. It was in this leadership role that Cristian was first introduced to Lee Woodward and his training courses. After almost 13 years on the front line, Cristian joined Real Estate Academy (known then as Prime Training) in November 2004 and from that point on began dedicating his career to serving the training and professional development needs of real estate professionals and business leaders.

Cristian’s extensive frontline industry experience ensures he has a genuine understanding of the needs of sales agents, managers and principals as well as an appreciation of the daily challenges and pressures they face on the job. This enables him to recommend or tailor the best solutions to suit their specific needs. As one of Real Estate Academy’s most experienced team members and someone who speaks with members daily, Cristian plays an integral role in determining the future direction of the membership program and the company’s products and services.

Cristian: 0418 167 814