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Realtair Academy is an innovative training and systems development organisation operated by a group of highly productive people established by Lee Woodward and his team. We offer skills training, software solutions, scripts and dialogues.

Realtair Academy is the only training partner of its kind. We offer skills training, software solutions, scripts & dialogues, created by our own in-house specialist team of professionals. Our material is backed by premium visual communications strategies supported with workbooks and follow-through audio and video coaching programs. Being the largest national real estate service centre in Australia and New Zealand, we have the capacity to deliver upon all our products and services...

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Gain exclusive access to audio coaching, digital training and an extensive online resource library with the widely acclaimed, dynamic Real Estate coach, Lee Woodward.

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Realtair Academy have a range of technology systems for the whole industry from marketing to specialised Real Estate CRMs.

Enquire now about our Complete Technology Workshops, which is an opportunity to come in-house to Realtair Academy to experience and work with our developers and trainers sharing their specialist knowledge in our multiple systems. The workshop is conducted in a small interactive environment around the tools of trade you need to succeed to achieve structure and order in your real estate business.

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Lee Woodward interviews and features the nations very best talent on a wide range of topics and challenges that benefit everyone in the real estate industry. Our coaching sessions delve deep into the information that has been requested from our followers, that allows for quality implementation and consistent improvement.

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